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Welcome to Arcomm Communications

A Leader in the Telecommunications & Computers

Arcomm offers high-end video conference and professional sound reinforcement products for your function rooms, board room, classrooms, conference room, home theatre and other presentation areas.

Arcomm Communications helps customers communicate better, and use technology to improve their lives and business success. We provide sales, advice, installation, support and maintenance for telephone systems, cabling, computers, networks, software applications, and much more.

For over 20 years we have strived to achieve the admiration and loyalty of our customers, the respect of our peers, and a commitment towards our mission from our team members. Our continued success as made Arcomm one of the most recognizable brands in the telecommunications and computer industries within Northern New England.

Why should you choose Arcomm?

In addition to truly "knowing our stuff" in-depth and our longevity, customers are impressed by who and what we are as a group of people, which is defined by our shared values:

  • We must strive to exceed our clients' expectations and achieve 100% referenceability.
  • We must foster a close relationship with our clients that will result in a better understanding of what they are experiencing.
  • We must be an organization that is easy for our clients to work with.
  • We must encourage innovation, independent action, team spirit, and personal growth in all employees.
  • We must constantly sharpen and improve our managerial, interpersonal and technical skills through continuous learning and development.
  • We must understand what knowledge is important to the customer, obtain it, document it, share it and turn it into a corporate asset continuously.
  • We must be sure that everything we do reflects exceptional levels of quality.
  • We must show high integrity in all business relationships.
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